FarSight XR | Augmented Reality Books and More

About Us

FarSight XR was established in 2017 with an initial focus on delivering educational virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to groups.  That initial experience gave us a great understanding of what really resonates with children, and we quickly set out to create our own content.  Today FarSight XR is both a software company, responsible for our apps, and a publisher, focused on educational, interactive, augmented reality based books, posters and more.

We strive to merge physical objects with meaningful and educational virtual/augmented reality content.  We strongly believe that new levels of engagement and learning can be achieved when using our mobile app to overlay interactive virtual content on our physical products.  And we are thrilled to have the opportunity to grow with this amazing technology and bring even more unique offerings to market in the future.

Our Future

When the COVID-19 pandemic changed the learning landscape, we set out to create a new platform to offer the familiarity and functionality of a physical classroom, but in a digital 3D format that can be played like a video game.

With this platform we aim to deliver a rich, fun learning experience to anyone with an internet connection and a smart phone or computer, and making it possible to experience a feeling of presence with others, even when separated by great physical distance.

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